Public Adjuster for Vandalism Damage Insurance Claims

Our service fee represents a small percentage of the claim settlement. It is generally offset by our ability to obtain a better settlement than you would be able to obtain on your own.

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Get Help With Vandalism Damage Insurance Claims

Are you aware that most homeowners’ insurance policies cover vandalism damages? While this comes as a relief for people who have unfortunately been a victim of vandalism, the insurance claim process can be daunting. Hire Peter Johnson at Fair Claim Settlement to help you submit your vandalism damage insurance claim. Here’s some additional information about the claim and how he can help.

Vandalism Damage Insurance Claims

Vandals damage homes in various ways, and you may be confused as to what is considered vandalism and what will be covered under your insurance policy. Acts of vandalism on a home or property that are sometimes covered by insurance include:

  • Graffiti
  • Breaking of doors, windows, or lights
  • Slashing tires on vehicles
  • Damaging the home through acts like “egging”
  • Tampering with or breaking pipes
  • Cutting or damaging trees or landscaping
  • Arson
  • Damaging locks
  • Destroying or driving over the lawn
  • Many additional types of damage

Contact Peter Johnson today to find out if the specific type of damage done to your property is covered by your insurance policy.

Let a Public Adjuster File Your Vandalism Damage Claims for You

The police report is vital to your insurance claim, so be sure you’re as detailed as possible when describing the vandalism to the police. But if you hire Peter Johnson from Fair Claim Settlement, he can handle the rest. He’ll gather details, go over the police report, and take all the pictures your insurance company needs to process your claim. Since a public adjuster acts as a liaison between you and your insurance company, there’s no need to check up on your claim. Peter Johnson will keep you informed on the process and ensure you get the money you need to repair your home.

Call Fair Claim Settlement today to find out how you can get help with your vandalism insurance claim.