Public Adjuster for Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Our service fee represents a small percentage of the claim settlement. It is generally offset by our ability to obtain a better settlement than you would be able to obtain on your own.

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Get Help With Fire Damage Insurance Claims

Experiencing a fire in your home or business can be devastating. It’s not just the fire that can cause extensive property damage, but the smoke as well. While assessing the damage of a fire, it can be hard to know where to begin filing your insurance claims. First, you’ll need to contact your insurance company right away. After that, let Fair Claim Settlement and Peter Johnson handle the rest.

Fire Damage Insurance Claims

When a fire happens, it’s hard to think straight, let alone gather details and the information you need for your insurance company. However, if you hire a public insurance adjuster like Peter Johnson to handle your fire damage claim, he will do that for you. In fact, he’ll handle the claim from start to finish. This includes gathering details, taking pictures, and talking to your insurance company. A public insurance adjuster is hired by you and works for you – not your insurance company. Their main job is to ensure you get every penny you’re owed for your fire damage insurance claim.

Smoke Damage Insurance Claims

Fire damage goes beyond the charred and blackened property you can see. Smoke can also damage property, making it unsafe to use. Clothes, linens, blankets, furniture, and books are all things that could potentially be damaged by smoke. Peter Johnson is trained in filing fire and smoke damage claims – so he may notice damage that you might overlook. You don’t have to worry about missing details if you work with Fair Claim Settlement. Furthermore, after your fire damage claims are filed, your adjuster will work as a liaison between you and your insurance company. There’s no need to make a million phone calls or constantly check emails – everything is handled for you.

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