Experiencing water damage at your home or property can be extremely overwhelming. You’ll want to get all the necessary information together and file a claim with the insurance company right away. When hiring a public adjuster to help you with the insurance process, they will be able to assist with details you may miss, like mold. Read on to learn how to identify mold before filing your water damage insurance claim.

Mold From Water Damage

After surfaces have contact with water, mold can begin to form within 24-48 hours. While you may be able to prevent mold from growing by drying all the affected areas, this isn’t always possible. A public insurance adjuster is aware of the common occurrence of mold from water damage. They’ll be able to recommend experienced, licensed experts to test for mold and remediate it right away. They’ll also be sure to include all necessary expenses in your insurance claim.

Will my insurance cover mold?

Your homeowners or business insurance usually provides coverage for mold that grows directly from water damage. However, navigating the filing process can be quite complicated if you have multiple issues that need coverage. Fortunately, trained public adjusters can handle the complex stuff for you. They’ll ensure mold is found and documented so you can receive the most from your coverage. Public adjusters make the claim process easy– they work for you, not your insurance company. So getting the most from your claim is always their primary goal.

Public Adjusters Take the Stress Out of the Claim Process

While finding water damage and mold at your home or business can be scary, hiring a public adjuster to file your claims on your behalf simplifies the process. Fair Claim Settlement can ensure you get the most out of your insurance policy – that’s why you have it!