As I mentioned at the top of last week’s blog post, fire brings devastating damages to a property. Many times, a house affected by fire is completely destroyed. Dealing with your insurance company and filing out the claim form properly to assure the best settlement is not an easy feat. The goal for insurance companies is to send you the smallest settlement amount possible. Here are a three more tips to help you recuperate your losses:

  1. All the evidence you can obtain on the value of your property and goods are very important – if your photos and receipts were destroyed in the fire, ask friends and relatives to give you all the photos they have to document your property. You should also ask for copies of receipts from vendors, at least for your most important assets that were destroyed in the fire. This evidence will help your public adjuster substantiate your fire losses in the claims process.
  2. Don’t let the insurance company tell you that the period of time when you had the right to file the fire claim expired – that’s not true. In most states, you have three years to file a fire claim. Also, you should know that even if the insurance company already paid your fire claim, if you are not satisfied with the settlement, you could still hire a public adjuster to  review the initial settlement, and contest it, if necessary.
  3. In case of a fire claim, the insurance company has to pay you enough money to allow you to bring your property back to its original state – the one before the fire. Don’t settle for anything less.

This document is based on an article,” Public adjusters help you get a fair settlement for your fire claim” on the website

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