Catastrophic Losses? Here are some options to overcome the complexity involved in Property/Casualty Insurance Claims:

Understand Insurance companies can play rough when it comes time to pay on a claim. Recent studies clearly indicate property/casualty insurance companies are paying out less claims relative to the premiums they collect than at any time in the past 20 years. Their profits have soared. In 1988 they earned approximately 11 billion dollars to almost 70 billion in 2005!

Pete Johnson, a licensed Public Adjuster suggests even before the insurance adjuster arrives, to gather all the information pertinent to your loss. Here are a few tips to reduce the stress when filing for an insurance claim: promptly inspect your property, accurately estimate damage and loss, scrutinize, interpret and examine your insurance policy, and thoroughly support your claim with documentation and expert opinion reports. These steps will assist you in overcoming the complexity involved in insurance claims.

By doing so, property owners level the playing field by hiring a licensed professional adjuster who is working in their best interest. There is a great deal of complexity involved when negotiating directly with insurance companies, Johnson states. Homeowners normally lack the skills needed to reach a fair claim settlement. Public adjusters provide the expertise to maximize the amount you will receive from insurance companies. Their fees are based on a small percentage of the total insurance payout.

As a 30 year plus insurance restoration contractor and licensed Public Adjuster, I can assure you that when assessing the damage to your home or business I possess the knowledge to determine what needs to be done to bring your building and contents back to its condition before the loss and, just as important, how much it will cost. Costs vary widely geographically and are also determined by market conditions and demand. In many areas of Florida during the 2004-2005 hurricane season, prices doubled and tripled on some items, if you were able to find a contractor to perform the work.

It is of the utmost importance for you to obtain the correct sum of money for your claim in order to make your life and possessions whole again, as they were before the loss. The insurance company hires and trains professional adjusters to assess your loss from their perspective. In order to keep the playing field level, you also need a highly skilled professional to ensure that you receive a fair claim settlement.

You have a life to run. If you’re like most of us, this usually takes 110% of your time. For you to handle a complex task, such as an insurance claim, with its thousands of details, can be overwhelming at best. It would be in you and your family’s best interest for the minimal amount, usually about 10%, to hire a professional adjuster to handle this enormous challenge. I am the professional public adjuster that you need. Call for a free assessment of your claim.