Public Insurance Adjuster Stuart Florida

There are important steps you should take when you file for an insurance claim:
1. You should promptly inspect your property after a loss
2. Document with photos and video
3. Accurately estimate damage and loss
4. Read and examine your insurance policy
5. Get an expert opinion with documentation as to the estimated value of your loss
6. Hire a public insurance claims adjuster to protect your interests!

Private Insurance Adjuster Stuart Florida

Your best recourse in most losses will be to hire a public claims adjuster. Pete Johnson is your local licensed Public Adjuster in Stuart Florida. When you hire a licensed professional adjuster, you have a claims adjuster that is working for your best interest. As a Homeowner, you may not have the skills needed to reach a fair claim settlement. Hiring a public insurance adjusters provides you with the expertise you need to maximize the amount you will receive from insurance companies. Public insurance adjusters fees are based on a small percentage of the total insurance payout.

Insurance Claims Help Stuart Florida

Hiring an experienced insurance restoration contractor and licensed Public Adjuster can help you resolve your claim quickly and effectively. Bring in an expert opinion to be sure that the building and contents you have losed can be brought back to pre-loss conditions. Costs can vary widely based on geography, market conditions and demand. In many areas of south Florida (especially during the 2004-2005 hurricane season), prices can doubled and tripled on materials and contractor rates. (If you could even find a contractor at that time to perform the work). The insurance company maintains a staff of professional adjusters to assess your losses from their perspective. To keep the playing field level, you also need a highly skilled professional insurance adjuster to ensure that you receive a fair claim settlement.