One of the most important aspects of property ownership in Palm Beach County is ensuring that in the event of loss, damage or accident, your investment is protected.

Making the Call

Amid the stress of a fire, flood, or other emergency’s aftermath, the task of making the call to the insurance company can be just another added stress a policyholder faces. The barrage of questions, the specifics—even the language of the policy may prove too much for someone who has just faced a great loss in their life. Lack of understanding and/or not having the presence of mind to recall every detail or every item lost, stolen or destroyed can have a huge impact on whether a policyholder receives a fair and accurate settlement from their insurance company.

At this point in the process a public insurance adjuster becomes an important ally for you; someone with years of experience in the insurance field who can act as a liaison between the insurance company and you, the insured, to advocate for the insured and their claim, and to help the policyholder understand the language in their policy.

Public adjusters know the questions to ask, measurements to take, and avenues for helping the insured—which can include arranging housing for them if there’s been a fire or other disaster.